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"As a licensed Private Investigator, my job is helping people."

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Linda Odum, PhD

I have been a licensed Private Investigator for over 20 years and owned Delphi Investigations.

Some of the cases I worked:

  • Successfully closed surveillance cases for domestic matters

  • Provided personal security

  • Repossessed cars/ trucks/motorcycles/boats

  • Served as a bounty hunter

  • Provided evidence & testimony for court cases on insurance fraud, welfare fraud, civil & domestic issues

  • Tracked down deadbeat parents for child support and alimony (note: not all deadbeat parents are Dads!)

  • Handled re-opening cold cases


I also served as Director of the Dept of Defense Cyber-security Academy.

No matter the investigation, I am determined to get to the bottom of the case. My commitment to excellence ensures that each situation will be handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism.


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My Goal

As a company, the goal of Justice-4U is to provide you with painstaking investigations, meticulous documentation, and proficient reporting while maintaining the highest standards possible of ethical, confidential, professional investigative, and surveillance services in the industry.

Our forensics-focused geo-physical investigations use ground penetrating radar, metal detectors and other similar devices to locate buried evidence, such as weapons, caches of drugs or money, clandestine graves, hidden bunkers, or soil disturbances.

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