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LINDA ODUM, PhD ~ License # 99-896968

Licensed by the Virginia Dept of Criminal Justice Services

A private investigator, or a PI, is a professional hired to carry out investigative work on behalf of individuals, organizations, or law firms. The main goal is to gather information and uncover facts related to specific cases. Private investigators have a wide range of responsibilities, and their work can vary depending on the nature of the case. One attribute guaranteed in every case is absolute confidentiality. PIs are prohibited from discussing any case, except with the Attorney and/or the person who has hired the PI. We can’t even be required to divulge information to the police.

Some common tasks performed by private investigators include conducting surveillance, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and searching for information. They may investigate various matters such as missing persons cases, cheating spouses, background checks, insurance fraud, corporate investigations, and cold cases among others.

Private investigators often use a combination of traditional and modern investigative techniques. This can involve conducting research, analyzing public records, following people, taking photographs or videos, and even using specialized equipment for audio, visual recording, or geo-location.

Accuracy, attention to detail, and discretion are essential attributes for a private investigator. We are skilled in gathering information covertly and ensuring that the evidence we collect is admissible in legal proceedings, if required. We may need to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to provide our findings for further action.

Private investigators may work independently or as part of a private investigation agency. Our work can take us to various locations and involve irregular hours, depending on the case requirements. It's worth noting that the specific regulations and licensing requirements for private investigators can vary depending on the jurisdiction in which we work.


Overall, the work of a private investigator is focused on uncovering hidden information, solving mysteries, and helping clients find answers to their questions or concerns through professional and confidential investigations.

If  you’d like to contact me, call 804-450-3518, the first consult is free!

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